HumanoFlow™ Female Enhancement Info

Developed by physician and chemist professionals, Humanoflow for females is designed not only to recover sexual well-being and youthfulness, but to improve overall health and wellness. Every ingredient has proven benefits, and they work together in synergy to provide you with the best female enhancement elixir possible.


Vitamin B6 aids in the proper functioning of the nervous system, and can be especially beneficial to women in treating Premenstrual Syndrome. It also aids in maintaining healthy levels of hormones in your body, which can help relieve emotional disorders and disturbances.  Vitamin B6 can help to protect against heart and kidney disease, as well as treat anemia. It’s great for women because it can also help to treat things like eczema, dandruff, dry skin, and even hair loss.


Folic Acid, AKA Vitamin B-9 is important for women, especially of child bearing age because it prevents birth defects. All women can benefit from its production and maintenance of healthy red blood cells, protection of heart health, and as a mood regulator/natural depression remedy. Folic acid is necessary to make and repair DNA when creating new cells so there are some cancer benefits to it as well as aiding in rapid cell division and growth. Folic acid is believed to help ward off Alzheimer’s Disease by keeping the brain healthy. It is also believed to help with Diabetes prevention because it contributes to the breaking down of triglycerides.


Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobolamin) is responsible for the smooth functioning of several critical body processes. It is needed to convert carbohydrates into glucose in the body. This leads to energy production and a decrease in fatigue/lethargy. Besides helping to increase energy levels, Vitamin B12 helps maintain a healthy digestive system by curbing and improving unhealthy cholesterol levels. It can also help to protect against heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. Vitamin B12 is especially beneficial to women as well because it is essential for healthy hair, skin, and nails to keep you feeling and looking young.


Iron (as amino acid chelate) has a major role in creating energy from nutrients. Some studies show that up to 20% of women have iron deficiency which can lead to many problems including fatigue hair loss, brittle nails, poor memory and concentration, mood swings, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Iron also contributes to the transmission of nerve impulses, which are signals that coordinate the actions of different parts of your body.


Magnesium (As Aspartate) is important for the normal functioning of cells, nerves, muscles, bones, and the heart. It calms nerves and anxiety, and helps to increase energy levels. Magnesium is especially beneficial to women because it regulates levels of calcium and helps with calcium absorption.


Maca (Peruvian Ginseng) is thought to boost libido and increase endurance. It has been used for centuries to promote sexual function of both men and women. For women, it has also been used to balance the hormones and increase fertility as well as the side effects of menopause (cramps, body pain, hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings, and depression). Maca has also been reported to increase energy along with mental focus.


Panax Ginseng (Asian Ginseng)  has been used to improve sexual performance, increase libido, and boost fertility. In women, it seems to tone the uterus and improve blood flow to the ovaries. Panax Ginseng also boosts the immune system and has superior antioxidant properties. It fights fatigue by conserving glycogen and using fatty acids instead for fuel. This allows it to help fight depression and anxiety.


Kacip Fatimah is a powerful aphrodisiac and has been used in women post-partum to shrink the birth canal. It has also been used to decrease menstrual symptoms and regulate the menstrual cycle. Kacip Fatimah provides phytoestrogen to vital genitalia of a woman and aids in balancing hormones. It can boost the immune system, improve blood circulation, and reduce inflammation. It also restores damaged hair, helps treat skin disease, and promotes overall well-being.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract is known to increase sexual enhancement in both men and women. It is believed to have some helpful medicinal benefits as well, such as treating cardiovascular conditions like angina, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anemia, and poor circulation. In Chinese medicine, it is used as a liver tonic as well as a solution to food poisoning and overeating. It is believed to be an antiseptic and can reduce urinary tract infections. The herb can be used internally and externally as a treatment for immune disorders like allergic skin conditions, psoriasis, and eczema.


Humanofort (Embryonic Peptide Matric) promotes healthy sexual functions, and can even delay menopause in women. The supplement can also normalize cortisol levels, blood sugar, cholesterol and insulin – which could be helpful in losing weight and maintaining muscles but losing excess fat. It can also significantly improve energy and allow you to recover strength after a workout. Humanofort can have better results in reducing stress, which allows for overall relaxation and better sleep.

As you can see, given these ingredients, Humanoflow for Females not only increases sexual desire and function, but it does so much more. This is not only an enhancement supplement, it is designed to improve overall health and wellbeing, provide energy, and recapture youthfulness so you can be at your best, all day­.